quinta-feira, julho 20, 2006

Adventures in Morocco I

In june, finnaly, i picked my bag, put my headphones, my cap, my guidebook and here i went in direction of Morocco.
When i entered the bus to Algeciras, i had nothing planned, no place to stay and only one idea of what to do, but just before leaving Lisbon, i had the idea to call my marrocan friend, and finally i got and obejctive, go to Oujda to visit my friend.

on the way to algeciras i had to change bus in Seville. at 4 in the morning me and the other people that were going to algeciras had to leave the the bus and stay in a small local bus station in seville, for 3 hours. with the surprise of having to change bus( i didn't know) and bit asleep i picked my bag and left the bus i a hurry. it was only after the bus had left that i realised that i had my guidebook in the bus.
in the station there were about ten people. a south american girl and a old man that misteriously disapeared and came back just in time to catch the bus. the geek group, very clean and i think they were very excited with idea of going to the dangerous Morocco even they were going first to Ceuta, the "droug dealers", 3 very strange guys, very big fans of smoking maria, one of them had the five dot tatoo, and the others looked like freeks that didn't have money to chave for a year or even take a shower and a nurse that a mali boyfriend waiting for her in Tangier.
finally i arrived to Algeciras and went on direction to Tangier. it was then that i discovered that the nurse was going also to take the train, i had finnaly a travel companion, even for a wille. during the cross of the gibraltar straight i discovered that this girl was a nurse in Faro, she had been in Africa for some months has a volunteer. in the slow ferry(4 hours) we also met the models, 3 girls that where going for photo session in Casablanca.
finnally we arrived to Tangier! the girls boyfriend was there. it was funny, because he was jealous of me and really in bad mood, so i had to go alone to the train station, because the girl was staying with him in Tangier. he was very short and had llike a gangster wana be loook.a funny character.
finnaly in the train station i started my day in train. because the train to oujda only left at night i decided to take the train in Casablanca.
and here i go sidi kassem then Casablanca and in Casablanca i took the train to Oujda. in the train i had the opportunity to analise the people. the girls are very preatty and lot of them use western cloths. the number of men with tradicional cloths is very few. people are very nice and talked with each others like they knew each others for a long time. at trip to oujda people warned me about the thiefs and a women was iin charge of sending people away of the carridge. in the end there where only 4 people, me a men and 2 old womens. they spend almost all trip talking and sending people away, then one took my water and started wining territory in the bench. she started siting in the bench with small space in the end it was me the one sitting with very few space.
finnaly i was in Oujda with my friend two days after leaving Lisbon

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Kim disse...

Thank you for very interesting and useful information, I'm going to visit Morocco soon.
I know that Tangiers is a city in the north of Morocco near the Straits of Gibraltar. I heard that many people invest in Tangiers property it is the beautifulest city in Morocco and has mild climate.
Also I read about Marrakesh, that there a lot of sights, which must seen and about Casablanca that it is modern mega polis, it is economical capital of the country.