quinta-feira, agosto 18, 2005

still in bangaldesh

Bangladesh is one of the few countries that is safe and has very few turists.
the country is beautifull full of trres and rivers, since i have been here.this is a very big experience in all senses, i feel like i am in the national geograph.
there are very few foreners in bangaldesh so every time someone see me and my friend they say>
i am a bit tired of repetig all the same thing but it is ok.we are like a living show, everyone star at you. you are anormal thing.
since i was here i traveled by train, crasy bus, pantu, baby taxi, rocshow. i was in a hindu wending and in a party were i played drumm, it was great. i was also in a muslim lunch. i have been in big monuments. i was in a budist, hindu temple and tomorow i am going to old daka.i swamm in the indian ocean.
when i come back i will show my photos.

2 comentários:

arte-i-factos disse...

É bom ter noticias tuas, a floppy já estava a ficar preocupada.
Espero que o resto da estadia corra tão bem como até agora.


Floppy disse...


Gostei mto das especiarias, postal e principalmente das fotos!