segunda-feira, agosto 22, 2005


I am back from Bangladesh!
At 23:30 my trip was over i was back to my city Lisbon.
Bangladesh is an incredible country and even i am here for soo few time i already miss it and i am sad.
Bangladesh is a very poor country but has a very big treasour that is their people. The kids are great always laufigh with a smille that can destroy your heart. Every where you can find someone that just want to help you and is just happy to be next to a forenner. The emotions, the feelings, the experience was so intence that is so hard to describe. i took photos but is impossible to define the feeling of being there.
i loved this days, even it was hard to have no privacy for 20 days, now that i am again in this cold europe i miss this people. their anoiace of asking us all the time, who are, where do you come from. I even miss eating with my hands opr sitting in the floor~, and the most strange thing is that even i am happy to eat the european food i miss bangla food. It's all so strange.only people that has been to this part of Asia understand how i feel.
i miss Bangladesh

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Floppy disse...

ai que saudades dos sitios que já fui e dos que ainda não conseguir ir... o oriente muda mesmo a nossa perspectiva de vida...