quarta-feira, março 21, 2007

After 19 days.

Time goes fast, i just feel i just arrived, just a bit lost not shure what is going to happen next and with very few knoledge of the language.
I have to confess i have been around the city but i cant say that i know the city of Budapest.
i have been around, near the castle and the parlament and also in the city park and in the heroes square. i have tried the tram,metro,troley sistem. i have been in Buda, Obuda and Pest.
I have cut the grass and have been a translater for humusz.
i have been a gardener, a bench builder, a wales researcher for greepeace.
i have help building a experimental circuit.
I have been at the anual meeting of green organizations in Keskemet
I have met people from around the world, France, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Argelia, Peru, Spain, Austria, USA, Scotland, Belgium, Germany and incredably from my own coutry,Portugal.
I have been in the Budapest woods catching wood. i have been at the Budahills. i have taken lunch near the Danube Bend.
i have been in a Zoo, to strange partys in kekeskemt
I have been in Graz, i have skied and been to Austria for the first time.
i cooked my first rice and egg.
i have drunk palinka and eaten tutrorudi.
i have met the small portuguese comunity of Budapest.
I have met already two hungarians that speak portuguese.
I haven been to very few bars, but i have been to simpla dupla, a bar built in an abandoned warehouse,with very special enviornment, i felt like i was going to plan a revolution.

All this in only 19 days

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Floppy disse...

heheeheheh bem vindo de volta à blogsfera!!! :) que bom teres voltado...

Como já sabia da maior parte destas coisas, fico (ansiosamente) à das novidades ;)

Beijinhos e continuação de boa estadia!

Anónimo disse...

The historic city centre of Graz was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999...read more