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Conflicts in the world

It’s the beginning of a new month so it’s time to see which situation got worse during October and which are better or in risk of war.
13 countries saw their situation getting much worse and four is in risk of war and in only two countries the scenario got better (North Ireland and Haiti).
Bangladesh, Fiji, DR Congo and Somalia are in risk of a major conflict

Bangladesh: the appointment of interim caretaker administration till the January elections has been in the center of the conflict. The rivalry between the two major parties continues. In October 20 supporters of awamy league were killed during a protest. Awami league is against the person nominated by the government to control the elections, saying that he is partial and a supporter of BNP. Democracy is very important since if they loose control there is the risk of the Muslim extremist and other religious groups take control. There has been a lot of progress in this country but there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved.

Fiji: Dispute between the government and the military forces. There is a risk of a military coup. The military want amnesty to the people involved in the military coup of 2000.

Somalia: situation continue to deteriorate between the Islamic courts and the transitional government
There is a risk of full regional conflict. There are already Eritrea and Ethiopian troops inside Somalia territory supporting each one of them a different side.

Democratic republic of Congo: there is risk of conflict because there were0 the presidential elections. There have occurred small cases of violence between rival supporters.

IN the next countries the situation got worse:

CAR: There were reported attacks of rebels near the Sudan border.
Chad: There have been attacks of rebels based in Sudan. Sudan blames Chad of supporting rebels in Darfur.
Iraq: Sectarian violence continues. Us reported a lost of 103 people. New regional law was approved growing the risk of destroying the Iraq unity.
Israel/occupied territories: Fattah and Hamas don’t understand each others. Israeli incursion to Palestine continues.
North Korea: There was the first nuclear test in the country that was not supported by any of the security council of the United Nations. There is a risk of humanitarian disaster if food stocks not bolstered before winter.
Philippines: Manila government blames the rebels for an attack that killed 7 people in 10 of October. The Supreme Court rejected the government petition for a parliamentary system.
Serbia: It was approved a new constitution by referendum but the opposition say that there were some irregularities. Serb radical party re-elected their leader Vojislav Seselj that is in Hague on war crimes. The Serbian president and prime minister say that they have the right to defend their borders and territory and that they will consider every country that recognizes Kosovo independence has enemy.
Sri Lanka: Violence between the government and the Tamil rebels

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