quarta-feira, setembro 06, 2006


i hate september even in the last 2 septembers i had good experiences and nice travels but it's true i hate september.
in august i have my freedom, my travles, my fresh air, the new peoples, new cultures and then everything ends and comes september.
it's a month that normally brings bad luck and i get sad and frustrated about life.
the only thing that makes me happy is to remember the past, the good things of what i already acomplished in only 5 years of international travelling.
there is nothing compared that dancing in a spanish fiesta or going to a concert in valladolid, riding a bike in the french viniards, stay by the river in prague admiring the river, go to a ska festival, stay in a terrance in the colorfull neighbourhood of berlin, teatching english to tchechens, treck in the midlle of japanese mountains, discover archeologics monuments in the midle of the jungle in bangladesh, watchinh portuguese team playing the worldcup in morocco with everybody supporting the other team, trecking in the italian alps, the many landscape and people you had met and you never saw it again, memories.......
i have done already so much things and i am happy with it.
life is good after all.
but there are so many that didn't and continue to do the same boring things and i really think that they are not completly happy with their life, always following the norm, the majority, the fachion, well maybe they are happy.
but maybe because i question myself why should i do this only because everyone does it, why should i wear the same cloths and be has tidy has the other becuase someone will do remarks about you, why you have to like all the music that is on top, why you have like the same movies, the same food, go to the big beaches, the main monuments, the turists spots. why.
you can do so much if you go just to the other path.
maybe in a few years i change.

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Anónimo disse...

hi brother!!!

don´t change

i love the way you are ;-) and you, for sure


Anónimo disse...

Hi my best friend's brother!

Don't you dare changing and became like everyone. you are a inspiration to all of us "normals" and boring people.